Sure, there are some so-called green product options, but what makes BAMBOO Europe truly unique?

All BAMBOO products are made from 100% natural bamboo fibre, chemical and plastic-free, completely compostable, and are biodegradable under natural conditions.



These manufacturing techniques support various kinds of plant fibre. They chose bamboo to be their main material because of its sustainability. Every straw starts with the collecting, shredding, and grinding of bamboo.
Prášek Hobliny


With more than 30 years of experience, this state of the art dry processing technology is used to form bamboo plant fibre, the most natural and eco-friendly material ever.


The BAMBOO Natural Bamboo Fibre Straw is the only product that is completely environmentally friendly in all stages: “Material”, “Manufacture”, “Usage”, and “Disposal.”


This manufacturing technique supports various kinds of plant fibre, including coffee grounds, coconut fibre, palm fibre, etc.

Bamboo was chosen to be their main material because of its sustainability. Unlike trees, bamboo reaches maturity within 3 years, therefore collecting them adequately benefits bamboo ecology. There are 185 thousand hectares of bamboo forest in Taiwan, only 11 thousand hectares of bamboo forest is needed to supply the 600 billion straw usage in the entire world annually, the burden on the world’s natural resources is minimal.


Paper straw is a popular and common plant fibre straw on the market now, but the process of pulp making results in a massive amount of water pollution. It has a great amount of strong acid that causes strong erosion and produces poisonous chemicals.

“Dry processing and forming” is the latest and one of a kind invention. This technique does not require any chemical to destroy the plant structure, but rather by only grinding plant into powder and processing them into natural bamboo fibre. The whole process does not produce any water pollution. The processing temperature is also strictly controlled under 200°C to effectively ensure low carbon emission.


Pulp products like paper straws turn soggy and dissolve easily in water and beverages. Certain thickness or plastic film is applied to expand its durability. On the other hand, the BAMBOO Natural Bamboo Fibre Straw is able to be held over 24 hours in drinks and have the heat resistance of -20°C to 100°C.


BAMBOO Straws can be disposed as general waste and can also be decomposed in the natural environment and water. The straw does not produce any toxic gas during waste incineration. By burying in the ground or processing through landfill, the straw starts breaking down within 45 days. After 90 days, the straw is almost completely decomposed by micro-organisms in the environment. Furthermore, the more micro-organisms there are in the water, the faster the decomposition of the straw. Since the ingredients are all natural, the dissolved substances are returned to the environment and become the Earth’s nutrients.


100% Plastic-Free, Natural Bamboo Fibre, Biodegradable, Chemical-Free, Compostable, Temperature Resistance -20~100°C, Tests Certified.

BAMBOO Europe encourages businesses to join us and go plastic-free, BAMBOO straw is the best alternative to traditional disposable plastic-straws. Make the switch today and help build a better tomorrow!




BAMBOO Natural Bamboo Fibre Straws are biodegradable in natural conditions.