With more than 30 years of experience in plant fibre dry processing and forming technology, was developed the best solution to replace disposable plastic products.


BAMBOO Europe is determined to change the way the world uses disposable products, starting with our natural plant fibre straws.

BAMBOO Europe set their minds to creating the most eco-friendly material, as a result they have successfully produced the fully biodegradable plant fibre material, thus helping everyone to build a better and sustainable future.

EcoWhy bamboo?

The characteristics of plant fibre is like the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, coupling strength and gentleness, tempering force with mercy. Through various processing methods, plant fibre products can be as solid as steel, and can be biodegradable in nature.


Founded a trading company specialising in designing and manufacturing bamboo product processing machinery.


Within ten years, Mr. Wang gained world wide fame and his machines were sold across the globe. Subsequently, from his client’s feedbacks, Mr. Wang found out that only 60 to 70 percent of a single bamboo can be processed into products. A notion of reusing and treasuring the unused material began his journey of developing eco-products.


During this period when plastic pollution was not even a concern yet, was launched completely plastic-free tablewares with leading innovation in refined quality and decomposition. Despite the lack of enthusiasm from the market, was kept pursuing our research with no intentions to give up.


We have made a great number of eco-friendly biodegradable tableware, and have received great recognition for utilizing our plant fiber technology , thus pushing us for further breakthrough.
Bambusové příbory a nádobí


Severe global plastic pollution was unveiled by environmental organisations through rescuing marine life, which in turn shocked the world.


The United Nations officially declared war on ocean plastic pollution, and many tests also revealed that micro-plastic hazard is dramatically increasing around us. Global plastic pollution fights are finally happening everywhere and more than 30 years of effort in research is progressing.


Launch of BAMBOO Straws: Keys to protect our environment are to reduce, reuse, recycle and replace. The Team has finally overcome technical obstacles in dry processing and forming of plant fibre technology to successfully apply it on a wide range of products. We are proud to introduce our Natural Plant Fibre Straw.